Maria Santos, Mother of Twin Daughters

"My daughters have been a part of the Lighthouse Art School in Lowell since they were five years old and are now going to high school.  Sara and Elizabeth adore going to art every Friday.  They look forward to being free to express themselves fully through art without judgment.  Last summer, they participated in the Art Journaling Camp for teenagers. They have used the skills throughout this year in their school projects.  Right now, they are working on a project to English and chose journaling as the method for a book report.  They learned the technique in the summer and now enjoy hours of reflection through journaling.  In this often very materialistic and superficial world, I am so pleased to see my teenagers looking deep within and expressing their feelings and emotions through the art of journaling.  The art teachers who have guided them through the years have been incredible people and artists in their own right and have been able to bring out the best in my daughters."

–Maria Santos, Mother of Twin Daughters