Lighthouse Art School

about the studio

Our school is a private in-home studio that is bright, airy, and conducive for creativity.

  • Students have their own work space around a large table where the instructor can come and give them each personalized instruction.

  • They can freely create art without worrying about “making a mess.”

  • They also benefit from a creative environment, surrounded by other students interpretation of the assigned project.

  • Fully stocked with quality supplies and materials so they can create freely.

  • Learn more here about the variety of art disciplines we teach.

Our History

Founded by Engelie Blomerus in 2001.

The name Lighthouse Art School comes from the bible scripture Matthews 5:14 You are the light of this world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.

I find your ability to encourage the students to independently express his or her own creativity so amazing. Almost every day, I can see more and more how Brielle is stimulated by art and because of the time she spends at Lighthouse Art School, she has since created her very own studio here at home! Every Tuesday night, she goes to bed with a smile on her face after saying “I have art class tomorrow!”
— Kathy Vassil, Parent